Summer Camp 2024 Tuition

Seven weeks of Summer Art Camp from June 24th till August 9th

To make an online payment for camp (any number of weeks available) click link below

For a limited time only you can prepay $250 for any number of weeks of our camp (if the week(s) are available (space is limited) you can get a payment plan to make it easier for you. (Our standard is to pay  ⅓  of the tuition balance per month). Cash payments help to avoid the fees, so its always preferred

You can make a payment to:

PayPal @ [email protected] (please choose friends/ family option if possible.)

 Zelle to [email protected] 

Venmo BoryaLena-Kuznetsov ( [email protected] )

Once paid- send a confirmation email to [email protected] with your details

You will need to submit a separate registration form as well:

For a limited time we offer special discounts: multiple week, and sibling discounts are available. Please check the table below for details!

Tuition for any single week is $680 but depending on availability some weeks can be discounted for a limited time. check it at

WE WILL BE OPEN THE WEEK OF JULY 4TH for all 5 days! No afterhours for July 4th.

(tuition is subject to space availability! It also may change before the dates below, depending on inflation and our cost of materials, food and rent. discounted tuition depends on a final date of full payment!)

Afterhours update!

Please register separately for afterhours! This year we are limited on this, thus we need pre registration for before 9am or after 3pm care!

contact us ASAP @ [email protected] with an afterhours request

The biggest discount is if you make a full payment early.

You can get over 25% if you pay before December 2nd and combine multiple weeks. (For example if you are getting all 7 weeks and pay the full price by Dec. 9th you can save approximately 28%

Combine it with a sibling discount (if you have siblings) for an even better deal!

Please follow the table below, to receive the discount

  Paid by Paid by Paid by Paid by Paid by After  
  12.02 01.01 03.15 4.15 05.15 05.15
1 week $510 $535 $560 $590 $635 $680
2 weeks $1010 $1060 $1115 $1175 $1264 $1358
3 weeks $1500 $1580 $1670 $1757 $1890 $2035
4 weeks $1985 $2110 $2220 $2338 $2512 $2714
5 weeks $2460 $2615 $2785 $2920 $3135 $3385
6 weeks $2934 $3130 $3300 $3498 $3756 $4062
7 weeks  $3400 $3645 $3845 $4074 $4375 $4735
drop off   $160 1 day only if available
Extra Hours weekly daily        
7am-6:00pm $230 $55        
7 am -9am $110 $25        
3pm-6pm $150 $35        
Sibling weekly          
discount $45 $30 $25 $20 $10 $0


The sibling discount is available for a second/ third child (discount available for early submissions only!)