Fair Lawn

 Schedule for Wednesday Art Class 2020 -2021.

Fair Lawn (@ABC) 9-10 Saddle River Rd,  Fair Lawn, NJ

we have Live classes At Fair Lawn!!

schedule/ registration is available through the link:


Classes are on Wednesday at 6:00 and 7:00 pm

For Fall 2021 our program is going to be concentrated on

Applied Art, Decorative art and Design

  • Printmaking and lithography in different techniques
  • Mixed media work combining ink, watercolor, colored pencils and art markers. 
  • 3D sculpting and installations, working with hot glue guns, foam boards, and upcycled materials.
  • Stained glass imitation technique, collages and silhouette drawings/ cutouts
  • Drawing and Design
  • Logos and Style
  • Book illustration 


We help children gain confidence through art, and find trust in their artistic abilities. We want them to become familiar with different media and techniques and feel the freedom of creativity. 

Our art classes consist of a vast diversity of styles, techniques, media, and ideas. Our main goal is to make sure that our students feel confident using different media, be happy in their creative activity, (understand that they can achieve a lot by just working with soul), they can keep growing independently as individuals and that they know that anything and everything is possible!  

Most of our other classes temporary moved to online:

Fall 2021 Schedule:
Advanced Art class:
Museum virtual tours:
those tour are updated weekly, classes are in Russian only.










To register:   Email your information & contact details (for both parents and child) to artstudio5005@gmail.com

Pay using Paypal to artstudio5005@gmail.com ( add a note with your phone and email details)

Or send a check to Upper West Art @ 33 Johnsontown rd, Sloatsburg, NY 10974

Questions? 1-914-772-6919

all classes are open to children  age 5-14,

By requests we can also add a  special class for teens and adults starting at 8:00pm. We do portfolio  and college preparations. Work individually with students if they need a special assignment. 

All prices are for 55 minute art class and include all the materials and supplies. If you come for a part of the semester, class cost is $40.00 an hour.

Artstudio5005@gmail.com  – info and paypal

Tel: 914-772-6919,  845-323-1960