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Working with the right side of the brain, developing creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, non-verbal visualization, helping children express feelings through art.
We teach children and adults how to broaden their imagination and creativity in art through a variety of techniques and media. We believe that everyone has a talent that can be nourished and revealed. During our classes, we encourage our students to follow their own creative process, not follow step-by-step instruction. Our goal is to bring more art and joy into the world!
Registration will be open through Wayne YMCA 
Cost for the 8 session program $280 for YMCA family members, $300 for program members, $320 for community members.
YMCA membership is not required.

In the future, creativity will become the most important quality. As new technologies continue to replace jobs, people who are able to trust their creative individuality, with well developed right-brain thinking, will become more and more valuable. Our art lessons are designed to develop these vital qualities in children. As teachers, we are fundamentally against step-by-step instructional methods, which don’t teach creativity, but instead develop habitual, manufactured artworks, lacking a child’s individual style and hand. We discourage any type, even the most minimal, of touch ups by teachers. While any painting can be improved with the stroke of a teacher’s paintbrush, a child’s painting should be stylistically honest and recognizable. A student should feel that the artwork is her individual work and an expression of her internal world. The process of creation, and of getting to know oneself as an artist and creator, is the unquestionable benefit of art lessons.

We are highly experienced at teaching drawing methods, and most importantly, we love our work. Our lessons are equally helpful to young ‘artists’ and those who are just starting. We will help you discover your son’s and daughter’s unique, individual character, and teach them to be confident and skillful in their artworks.

We offer classes for children ages 5 to 14.

Usually we have a year round program consisting of drawing in different media ( starting from pencils, colored crayons, charcoal, oil and dry pastels etc), painting in watercolor acrylic and gouache, sculpting using clay, modeling clay and sculpey, as well as different decorative techniques- like batik, prints, collages etc

If interested for a group class program- please contact us @ [email protected]

or 914-772-6919

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