New Art Class is starting April 29, 2019.


Working with the right side of the brain, developing creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, non-verbal visualization, helping children express feelings through art.

We are registering children 5+, teens and adults for 8 weeks of Monday sessions (Apr 29-June 17)
Class time 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 pm
Program for the Spring
Clay sculpting; Life model drawing; Painting in acrylic and/or oil canvas; Monotype ( prints); Pastel or chalk drawing.
We teach children and adults how to broaden their imagination and creativity in art through a variety of techniques and media. We believe that everyone has a talent that can be nourished and revealed. During our classes, we encourage our students to follow their own creative process, not follow step-by-step instruction. Our goal is to bring more art and joy into the world!
Registration will be open through Wayne YMCA 
Cost for the 8 session program $280 for YMCA family members, $300 for program members, $320 for community members.
YMCA membership is not required.
email us with your contacts to pre-register
questions? call 914-772-6919