Program 2019-2020


Working with the right side of the brain, developing creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, non-verbal visualization, helping children express feelings through art.

Fall semester will be based more on Art History, with every class related to a specific style during 1300-1850 ad. Will be checking on great masters from Middle age, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque with lots of instructions on proportions and technique.

In the winter – spring of 2020 we will continue on style study starting from 1850s going to XXI century.

Program fall 2019:

    • Middle Age Stained glass techniques imitation
    • Early Renaissance . Painting with egg tempera. mixing/preparation
    • High Renaissance. Durer and Leonardo. Studying the old Masters drawings
    • Dutch and Flemish baroque still life. Oil painting technique
    • Classical style. Study perspective. Interiors and cityscapes
    • Neoclassicism. Bas-relief sculpting. Greek motives in Art                 
  • some subjects require 2-3 classes
  • program subject to slight changes.
  • Calendar: September 10th- Dec 19th ( No class on Nov 28th- Thanksgiving)  

Program Winter 2020:

  1. Impressionism. Landscape, Acrylic/Canvas
  2. Pointillism. Watercolor
  3. Symbolism. Allegory in Art. Charcoal/soft pastel
  4. Cubism. Mixed-media Collage
  5. Art Nouveau/ Neo- Romantic style. Mir Iskusstva (Мир Искусства) . Stage costume design.
  • some subjects require 2-3 classes
  • program subject to slight changes.
  • Calendar: Jan  7th to March 31st

Program Spring 2020:

It will be based on Modern Art from beg. of XX century.

Abstract Art,  Matisse and Fauvism, Surrealism, Constructivism, Raw Art or Found Object Art – this program is still in a process of making.

Calendar: April 1st- June 23rd (No classes April 6th- 9th)


Schedule in Manhattan,  Fair lawn, Livingston, Wayne

Class in NYC/ Upper West

Schedule Art Studio 5005


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